Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Last night I gave my husband a very good spanking. He knew that he was going to get it as I'd told him in the morning that he'd been insolent and would have to be punished. I told him to drop his pants and bend over the kitchen table. This is a good height for both of us and I prefer to dispense discipline in a normal environment rather than only in a particular room. I used my wooden backed clothes brush. This is completely inflexible and really does pack a punch. I have never really gone in for 'warm ups' when punishing my husband, but believe that it is best to punish properly. As such his bottom was soon nice and red and warm and he was wriggling about. I had probably given him 50 or 60 smacks with the brush when my brother unexpectedly called round. He knows about my relationship with my husband and often disciplines him too. Fortunately this meant I was able to sit and watch TV in the living room with a drink (poured by husband of course) while my brother continued with the spanking in the kitchen. Though I quite liked the sound it got on my nerves after a while and I had to send them upstairs. My brother (Sam) can really give out a good hiding if he is the mood and unfortunately for my husband he was. By the time Sam had finished my husband was a very tearful man and his bottom and thighs (not just the backs but all the way round) were a very, very bright red. Of course, he was very compliant by now. Every dominant wife should have a brother. They are so helpful.

Friday, 4 January 2008


This morning I sent my husband to work in a lockable cock and ball harness, rubber pants and pink lacy panties. The rubber pants went on first. They have a hole at the front for his cock and balls to go through and then the harness went on. This separates his cock and balls so they are spread out. The harness has a little buckle on the end of it to which I secured a thin length of chain. This in turn was locked to the front of the chain which was tightly around his waist. In this way his cock and balls are pulled in front of him rather than between his legs. His cock is pointing up and his balls are completely vulnerable and exposed. Then he was told to put on a pair of lacy pink panties with his shirt tucked in them and to get ready for work. Just as he was about to leave I stopped him by the front door and gave him a very firm pat on his balls. It's so nice to see a big powerful man in a suit squirm!

I'm back!

At last I have returned. Shortly after setting up my blog I lost all the sign in details and have never been able to get back in. Anyway, I won't go into all the complications, but I am now back in. Hurrah!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Sunday enema

As I write, my husband is gagged with a ball gag and strapped down on his plastic covered mattress bed taking a large enema. The enema is flowing into him through a butt plug which is secured in place with a rubber restraint. The nice thing about this is that no matter how full he feels I can continue to top up his enema bag. I am happy to do this slowly on a Sunday morning as I like to read the Sunday papers. He has been there for over an hour and has over 6 litres inside him. The handy thing about the plug is that the tube inside it that the enema flows through can be plugged also. This means I will keep the enema inside my husband for as long as I feel like it and while he goes about his duties. The pressure will push down on the plug making him extremely uncomfortable and means I will have to tighten the straps that hold it in place. Eventually his body will absorb the water if I leave it long enough and it will come out in the usual way. However, I can simply join his butt plug up to the enema tube again and 'top him up' - perhaps with ice cold water if he disobeys me today. This evening I will instruct him to take his plug out and then I will strap him to his toilet for a while to allow the enema fluid to drain from him. When he's finished and I've allowed him to clean himself up I'm going to dress him for the evening in his black rubber dildo pants with a hole in the front for is penis and testicles - securely caged. On top of this he'll have a disposable nappy withplastic pants and a pair of pink frilly satin knickers on top. Then he can put on jeans, a nice white shirt and black cowboy boots and take me somewhere nice for dinner. A dominant wife never cooks!

Friday, 13 July 2007

This morning

I thought I'd attempt to set up this blog for women who dominate their husbands and husbands who are dominated by their wives as I'd like to find out more about what some other people get up to. I love the fact that I dominate my husband in everyway. This morning I paddled him before he left for work just because I wanted to. A truly dominant wife doesn't need a reason!